Great America II
“Our First Victory”

It took several years to get from the first Great America to the second, primarily because I had decided against the next being joint collaboration with other artists. This project was a long time in the making and still could never have been done alone. The cooperation of the Chesapeake Fine Arts Commission, the Great Bridge Battlefield & Waterways Foundation, United Rentals, and most of all Valspar Paints were indispensable.

After finding a wall and getting everyone revved up, the planning and arrangements took months; but despite multiple infuriating occurrences and delays, this entire mural was painted in only six days. The dedication ceremony took place on Memorial Day and it was a great thing to behold as the gathering crowd of over 100 counted down to the final brushstroke at sunset. So many people and companies helped out and deserve a big thank you. Check out this video which tells the hilarious story from the artist’s perspective, and pay a visit to the people who helped out by following the links below.