Great America I
“A Celebration of American Heroes”

The idea to create a series of huge outdoor wall murals to celebrate the diversity of the United States arose from the devastation and confusion that followed Sept. 11th, 2001. The concept of the first was to give thanks to the military personnel who sacrifice so much and put themselves on the line for our freedom

The mural depicts a carrier group including the USS Enterprise, USS Leyte Gulf, USS Ticonderoga, and USS Cole as well as the F-14 squadrons: VF-211, VF-143, VF-101, and VF-103. The Fighting Checkmates (VF-211) were incredibly helpful in the research and completion of the mural. They can be seen in these photos as well as the largest of the tomcats shown. The jet in second position was chosen from the VF-143 Pukin’ Dogs. One of their members was among the first casualties in the war on terror and was therefore memorialized in this larger than life tribute. His family as well as all those in the services have our undying gratitude and are in our prayers.

The wall occupied us for three weeks just in the cleaning and prep. stages before spending a month painting the mural.