An Artist In The Making...

Sam began drawing when he was five years old. Drawing – and eventually painting - soon became a passion that ultimately led him to art school after graduating from high school near Dallas, TX. While in art school, Sam began to ask a particular question of his professors and instructors:

“How can I make a career out of doing what I love?”

Sam was repeatedly told that artists don’t make a career out of what they love doing. He was told after graduation to get a day job that paid the bills and to follow his passion after work & on the weekends.

This was not good enough for Sam.

After leaving school, Sam found work in various art related trades in an effort to perfect his craft. It was this pursuit that led him to the Hampton Roads area over a decade ago and what led him to start his own mural business in 2003. Ever since then, Sam has been creating custom wall murals and art pieces in almost every venue imaginable.